Real Character Of Powerstar In Discussion

By iQlik Movies - June 22, 2014 - 06:44 AM IST

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There are many reasons why power star Pawan Kalyan stands apart from the rest of his colleagues and here is a classic example. Generally, film stars tend to do many brand endorsements and build an image for themselves but till date, Pawan has not shown any interest for deals like that [except endorsing Pepsi during Kushi days].

His style is different. There were many who criticized him when he entered politics and maintained that Pawan got into this only to seek power. When he supported Modi he received a lot of flak but cut to the present, he didn’t even look towards a ministry or a seat of power.

If he really wants to earn money he can earn crores only on endorsements. A few endorsements in a year are more than the remuneration for two films. But Pawan is not doing that and it is here that he stood the test of character and integrity. For someone who has a close rapport with the Prime Minister himself, the humility of Pawan is very commendable.

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