Manchu Lakshmi's Pregnancy Brings Awareness

By iQlik Movies - June 23, 2014 - 09:59 AM IST

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There are many instances when film personalities become an inspiration and role models for the general public. Usually it has to do with style, fashion or statements but one celebrity from Tollywood has become a role model for many women who have yearned for motherhood since long.

Recently, Lakshmi Manchu became a proud mom and this is through the method of surrogacy. As such, not many know about the surrogacy method. Even fertility centres also speak other methods but not this for reasons better known to them. But with Lakshmi Manchu’s initiative things have changed.

It gave a ray of hope for many childless couple and many are enquiring details and information about it. Some of them say it is a very expensive process hence it is not propagated much in India. However, it looks like Lakshmi has opened the gates for thousands to see that their dream of having their own family becomes true.

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