Charmme's Headache Talk

By - June 24, 2014 - 03:28 PM IST

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It has been quite a while since Charmme has managed to score at the box office as a heroine but then that has not brought down her demand and fan following. Even today, Charmme commands big list of admirers and she is also not letting them down by keeping in touch through her social networking.

Well, Charmme is an avid user of the Bubbly network wherein she leaves her voice messages for her fans. Generally, she gives her message like a chit-chat subject but recently she got philosophical about headache. Well, Charmme gave some gyan on why headaches come and what causes her that issue.

While she spoke about the headache in her cute Telugu, more than the message it is the way Charmme spoke that appealed to many. If you haven’t heard it, then Qik here to hear the 'headache' of this charming beauty.

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