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The social media is one platform where film celebrities tend to interact with many of their fans at different levels. It is a good platform for the regular people to get to know their stars better there. However, there are also those miscreants who often tend to create trouble. While some celebs get hurt, some give it back.

One such star who is known for her firebrand image is Khushboo. Though she has passed her prime, she has her own share of following and Khushboo is famous for giving some strong statements and replies. Recently, someone has got onto her nerves.

As a result, the glowing beauty reacted like this -

"Some idiots forget abusive messages can land them behind bars..try doing it 1 more time..i dare you..and don't call yourself a are a nuisance :)"

Well, it is not sure why she used the smiley after giving such a strong warning but let us hope the so called fans make note and stay clear of doing any stunts with Khushbu.

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