Famous Dialogue Sounding Again

By - June 26, 2014 - 11:39 AM IST

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When it comes to masala potboilers, it is the punch dialogues which create the required amount of impact for audience to take the film to a success. This is one reason why many directors and writers break their heads to come up with lines that make sense and also raise the adrenaline levels.

One such dialogue which is resounding now is - Nenu Anadhane Kaani Anamukudini kadhu. Naa peru Surya.. "Autonagar Surya" Banchath Nenu muttukunte repair cheyani Vasthuvu ledhu..!!. This is from the film ‘Autonagar Surya’ and it came in the voice of Deva Katta who directed the film.

This dialogue was heard through a teaser and in that no person is seen, there is just audio. However, it came almost two years back and many were in dark about the film’s release. But now, it is preparing to arrive on June 27th so the famous dialogue has again got revived and has begun making rounds across different places.

Listen To The Dialog in Deva Katta Voice Here