Andhra Punjabi Kudi Is Waiting For A Break

By - June 28, 2014 - 04:40 PM IST

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The state of Andhra Pradesh and most importantly the city of Hyderabad is one place where people from different cultures across the nation are found in large quantities. This mixed culture is only found in the city of Mumbai. Among them is the Punjabi community and we are talking about one beautiful Kudi.

She is none other than Poonam Kaur. She is also a former Miss Andhra since she is settled in Hyderabad and she took part in the contest but actually she is a Punjabi. Over the years, Poonam has acted in a good number of films. Though she has not scored success as a heroine but still for every film related event she is the center of attraction.

Those who have worked and interacted with Poonam say she is talented and is a good package of beauty and sex appeal. They state that if she gets a good opportunity, Poonam can show her mettle. For now, this pretty Kudi is busy with two Tamil flicks which are gearing up for release.