Mangoes Sent By Pawan Starts Discussion

By - June 30, 2014 - 11:03 AM IST

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Anything and everything that power star Pawan Kalyan does tends to become a sensation and material for headline. While his name is used extravagantly in almost every film’s dialogues these days, it appears that a noble gesture that Pawan does every summer also is gaining recognition.

We are talking about Pawan’s ritual of sending boxes of mangoes to his near and dear which are grown from his farm. One such recipient happens to be actor Brahmaji and he shared his thoughts in a tweet like this - Pandinchukovatame kaadu panchatam kuda telusu eeyaniki..Powerful mangoes from Janasena Adhineta.

While it is not sure what Brahmaji meant by ‘powerful’ mangoes it looks like the mangoes from Pawan has become topic enough for discussion in filmnagar circles. It is heard that Pawan likes to spend his spare time in gardening and being in the midst of nature so it won’t be a surprise to hear a dialogue or two about his mangoes in future films. 

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