RGV Finds Ice Cream In Bombay

By - July 10, 2014 - 05:48 PM IST

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Of course, one gets Ice Cream everywhere and he himself is making Ice Cream. But kindly note, here the ice cream is the heroine Tejaswi. She is the newfound young talent in the town making enough buzz with her Ice Cream movie. But when the film’s first look was unveiled, everyone had a common doubt. How did a supporting actress become a heroine overnight?

Well, the answer for this question was available in our recent chat with RGV. He actually spotted her for the first time in Mumbai airport and was told that she was the ‘Heart Attack’ heroine. But he was later confirmed by Puri that she was in fact the SVSC girl. So, immediately she was called for an audition in Rowdy movie. In fact, she was made to act couple of scenes and RGV was impressed too. That is in when she was offered the heroine role in Ice Cream. Who would refuse such a juicy offer?

According to inside sources, she gave her best in Ice Cream and even faced the nuances of a nude act. Hope, she gets the much needed breakthrough with this film.

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