Chennai calling Tollywood

By - July 23, 2014 - 04:37 PM IST

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Tollywood is the one of the biggest film industries in India. Even after the separation of Andhra Pradesh from Tamilnadu State, the film industry chose to remain in Chennai. It was only during the 90s, the industry has migrated from Chennai to Hyderabad upon the Government’s request. Now, a serious problem is haunting the Tollywood industry.
The bifurcation of the State has led to many consequences and a feel of insecurity among them. The big-wigs of Tollywood are pondering over the idea of shifting the industry from Hyderabad. Recently, few Tollywood members who attended a film event in Chennai were asked if Tollywood is really getting shifted from Hyderabad.
Not stopping at that, they also said “Why to go here and there, you can come back to Chennai. Anyhow you are coming here for re-recording and live instrumental scores for songs. So you can return to the base.” That way, the Tamil members are giving a very brotherly hug but the Tollywood members were not sure how to react.