Hindu Boy-Muslim Girl: An Evergreen Love Concept

By - July 29, 2014 - 05:52 PM IST

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We have seen many classic love stories…

Timeless Tragedies and ageless Celebration of Love…

Indian cinema has witnessed some epic love stories in almost every generation of its evolution. We have some really big names to boast about but it is always the “Rebellious Love” which set a trend.

Be it Rich-Poor or Inter Culture or Inter-state or Inter Caste or Inter Religion, it is always the rigid dichotomy in and around Love that won the hearts. Out of the above mentioned factors, the ‘inter-religion’ element is the most interesting and heroic one.

Two lovers belonging to two different religions is something which thrills you both on-screen and off-screen as well. And in the current generation of South Indian cinema, Mani Ratnam’s 1995 classic love story Bombay has been the key influencer. Even today, a wedding atmosphere with a beautiful Muslim girl would only virtually play the classic “Kannanule…” song as the back ground score. ‘Muslim girl’ is often regarded as the most privileged and challenging role any actress can get as it requires a definite elegance and not everyone can suit as a Muslim girl.

Be it the ever green classic Bombay or the recent blockbuster Ranjhanaa (Hindi). And the most interesting and evergreen love story equation has always been a Hindu boy and Muslim girl love story.

Even in Telugu cinema, the Hindu-Muslim love story is the best crowd pulling equation. In the last decade, we had some memorable films like

Deepak’s Sampangi (2001) - the love story between Abhishek (Deepak) and Rizwana (Kanchi Kaul)!

Navdeep’s Jai (2004) – the love of Jairam (Navdeep) for Farah (Sanotshi) leads into patriotism.

Mem Vayasuki Vacham (2012) - this teenage love story between Lucky (Tanish) and Khushi (Neethi Taylor) was the recent favorite one of the Telugu youth.

Apart from the above, Manchu Vishnu’s Denikaina Ready, Gautam’s Basanthi, Nani’s Paisa – all are beautiful Hindu-Muslim love stories. Even the upcoming love story Saheba Subramanyam directed by MS Narayana’s daughter Sasi Kiran Narayana is yet another promising love story releasing in the first week of August.

Love defies norms, rules and logic. And a ‘Hindu boy’ and a ‘Muslim girl’ is the most loved and fancied concept on Indian silver screen that has the magic to tug you any number of times.

On the auspicious eve of Eid, let us pray and wish for more love, tolerance, peace and prosperity in the world. And let us celebrate love with the most memorable romantic classics ever made.