Five Directors For One Film

By - July 30, 2014 - 04:12 PM IST

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Gone are the days when young filmmakers would serve an apprenticeship under prominent directors for years and then roam around production houses for that elusive break. The proliferation of digital avenues has made it possible for these youngsters. Even an eminent director like RGV advocates the same.

Crowd funding and project funding - a brand new platform for filmmaking has come to the Telugu Film Industry for the very first time! Crowd funding is a form of funding where the general public can fund at their discretion seeing the worth of the project to help passionate people who cannot find big producers! And five brave directors have come together to crowd source their independent feature film Idi Modalu.

Sai Chakravarthi, Rupak Ronaldson, Hari Shankar, Raj Chanvell, Uday Gurrala are the five passionate makers who will be telling a story through the eyes of different stages in life - Childhood, Teenage, Youth, Married Life and Old Age. They hope to piece together a story about life that touches each and every one’s hearts.

Idi Modalu team has completed its Pre- Production and is ready to go into production very soon.

iQlik Movies wishes the team good luck!