Cash Showers On 'Save Temples' Short Films

By iQlik Movies - August 22, 2014 - 10:49 AM IST

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Just recently, we have reported that the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and Save have come together to hold the 1st Save Temples International Short Film & Documentary Festival-2014. This campaign was taken to a new level by its brand ambassador Dr Ghazal Srinivas. Now, the time has come for the fest to commence which is happening today i.e., the 22nd of August.
The venue is Prasad Labs, Hyderabad and here is the good news for the participants. At the end of the three day fest, awards and cash prizes would be given away in sizeable quantities. While there is the ‘Golden Gomatha’ ‘Silver Gomatha’ ‘Bronze Gomatha’ for the top three winners ie the best film along with a cash prize of 1 lakh, Rs 75000 and Rs 50000 respectively, there is more.
More than a dozen special jury awards would be given to both films and documentaries. Apart from this the awards are being given to the categories such as best director, best editing, creative concepts and others. The jury awards for films and documentaries would be complimented with a cash prize as well. The event is graced by who’s who of Tollywood and other dignitaries from different walks of life. Be there to witness it!

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