'MEK Left A Memorable Experience To Me'- Nagarjuna Special Interview

By - August 30, 2014 - 04:04 PM IST

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Nagarjuna is well known for fitness levels and multifaceted nature not only in film industry but also in the business arena. He has always been in the forefront in introducing new talents to Telugu Cinema and many directors, actors, and technicians came from his banner Annapurna Studios. Nagarjuna has had a wonderful year with respect to the success of Manam and a new avatar as host with Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Show on MAA TV. His recent film Manam is celebrating 100 days today and on that ocassion, here is an iQlik exclusive chit chat with the stylish actor:

Hello Nagarjuna garu..Congratulations on Manam completing 100 days!
Hi..Thanks a lot!

What are your film plans as of now?
Well a new director named narrated a story to me which I really liked. The film will be produced by my home banner Annapurna Studios and will start filming this November. The story would be a shocker just like my earlier film Manam. I would be doing a dual role in this movie!

Did your choice of films change as time passed by?
Somewhat. After Bhai, my perception of choosing films has completely changed. It was like a tight slap to me about which sort of films I shouldn’t attempt in my career. I understood that mass and regular films are not the only ones I should do now. We should change based on transforming times.

Have you accepted any such experimental roles then?
Naturally, if I hope for a different film it wouldn’t happen just like that. Such directors should come with competent scripts. That was why when Vamshi Paidipally came with a multistarrer film with Jr.NTR being the other lead, I readily accepted it. The script work is going on as of now, and depending on Jr.NTR’s dates, the film will go on sets.

How did you find Naga Chaitanya’s upcoming film Oka Laila Kosam?
I watched the film. It came out really well and I have complete trust in the success of it. I got the satisfaction of having a hit film already in hand. After looking for the ideal release date , we will be releasing it soon. In fact, we are not too fussed about releasing it earlier because for Manam, we had to wait for two months to release it in the right time.

Is there any update about Akhil’s film entry?
It will be very soon. We don’t have hurry because he is just 20 years old and looking for an ideal script which would suit his age.

Do you involve in script selection of your family members who are actors?
Chaitu, Akhil and Sumanth always approach me first to hear the stories which they have in hand. But I tell them to go by their intuition about the story. I cannot impose the stories I like on them  at all!

What is your take on Chaitu’s journey as an actor till now?
There has been lot of good change in him. He has improved a lot as an actor. It was proved already with Manam and he improved more in Oka Laila Kosam,

Is it true that you actively involve in charity work?
I have always been doing charity work but I never disclose it in public. I spend more in the fields of education and medicine.

Your family had a great loss with the demise of ANR earlier this year. How are you coping up with it?
It is indeed a great loss for us to lose him. We are still yet to digest that he is no more among us. He has always been a great strength to all of us. We will continue giving awards under his name and planning to do it on a larger scale this year.

Please tell us your experience in working as a host for MEK show in MAA TV..
MEK has left a memorable experience to me. It gave me new level of experiences as well. It gave me new admirers and it is great to see even kids becoming a fan of me now! I felt many times that if my parents were alive, they would have enjoyed it so much. There are people who even said Nagarjuna before MEK is one level and after MEK is a new person!

Do you feel anything should change with respect to our Telugu Film Industry?
There are new changes happening in the industry which is on a progressive level. However, for technical work we are still relying on Chennai. We need to make talented technicians base for ourselves. We cannot predict whether the industry can flourish in Vizag. A film industry cannot be made with just buildings and constructions.  Good facilities and opportunities should also be provided.

Okay.. Thank you and we wish you a great year ahead!
Thanks a lot!
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