Bapu's Influence On Nayanatara

By - September 03, 2014 - 01:02 PM IST

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Some people come into our lives and create an unforgettable difference even when they are not around. If you are familiar with the Tollywood fraternity, then you would know how the legendary personality Bapu created a difference in many lives. One among those interesting examples is heroine Nayantara.
It is heard that lately Nayan has changed her priority and parameters for signing a film. More than who is the hero and what is the remuneration, Nayan is reportedly focusing on what is the strength of her character in the film and how she is adding value to the project. Rest of the things are coming secondary for her.

Close circles of this gracious beauty reveal Nayan got this change after working with Bapu in Sri Rama Rajyam. One can recall how Nayan broke down on the last day of the shooting of the film and how emotionally she got connected to Bapu and his film. Now, his impact and influence has changed Nayan’s perspective on her future projects. No wonder she does some meaty stuff these days.