Blue Film In Audio Function

By - September 05, 2014 - 12:54 PM IST

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If you were given a blue film and asked to watch it, where would you do it? The obvious answer would be somewhere private where no one sees you. But can you imagine a situation where a blue film clip is played at an audio release function of a decent film? Don’t be surprised but this has happened.

Recently, a new hindi film titled as Desi Kattey had its audio function in a grand manner. Many well wishers, family members of the cast and crew attended in huge numbers to show their support and encouragement. When the time came to release the audio visuals of the songs, something happened.

Amidst the audio visuals came a clipping of a blue film much to the embarrassment of the organizers and the sheepish smiles of men. The women around were flushing in red with anger and perplexity. The clip was shown for few seconds before everyone got back to their senses. Till date, nobody knows how that clip came in between the audio visuals but all have forgotten about the songs of Desi Kattey and are discussing more about the blue film clip.