Bapu Mania In Book Stalls

By - September 08, 2014 - 12:19 PM IST

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The human lifespan is limited and no one can escape death. But the power of human beings is such that even when they are not there, their presence and aura still surrounds those who live and the generations ahead. Such individuals are called legends and our Telugu land is fortunate to have seen many of them.

One such person who left for heavenly abode but is still in the hearts of many is Bapu. Recently, this iconic person passed away but the mania for him is still intact. Reports from famous bookstores like Visalandhra, Walden and others reveal there is a sudden spike in sales of many books related to Bapu.

The demand is more for books that have cartoons done by Bapu. Apparently, Hasam Publications is one institution which has published many books on Bapu and his close friend Ramana. The books have talked about their experiences with Bapu and Ramana vividly and they are now selling like hot cakes. That’s what legends are all about folks!