Maverick Director Disconnects Top Hero?

By - September 13, 2014 - 09:38 PM IST

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Though there are strategies and money involved, at the end of the day, Cinema is a creative and emotional product. It can be made in the most effective manner only if there is a good connect between the director and the hero. This is one reason why you see many directors speaking from their heart most of the times.

In that process, it appears that one director seems to have disconnected with a top hero. We are talking about the duo of Gautham Menon and Suriya respectively. Apparently, Gautham-Suriya came up with some beautiful films like Kaakha Kaakha in Tamil and Suriya s/o Krishnan in Telugu.

However, sharing his thoughts in a recent interview Gautham reportedly revealed that he can work with someone only if he has that connect and right now, it is no longer there with Suriya. Sources from Chennai reveal Gautham wanted to do a very beautiful project called Dhruva Natchatiram with Suriya but the star reportedly backed out of it without any proper reason. Let us wish the duo reconnects soon and good films are made once again.