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Just like the line “Nenu okkadini okavaipu…ee lokam okavaipu…” in Mahesh Babu’s Takkari Donga

When the entire world is congratulating Mahesh Babu’s Aagadu team and a heated discussion is going around about the fate of the film on the other side, RGV has a different opinion about the film. Or in other words, he might have expressed his routine views differently. After watching Aagadu, this is what RGV has to say about Aagadu –

“Just watched Aagadu nd now going to watch Dhookudu,Businessman and Pokiri nd I sincerely think Mahesh also should do the same”

So, what does RGV intend to say? Well, that’s for us to decide!

Adding more ‘masala’ to this, he even made a relative comparison to Mahesh’s Aagadu and Ram Charan’s Magadheera.

“Am told Aagadu is a 75 crore film nd.In sheer comparison Maghadeera looks like a 750 crore film”

Well, did the satires upon RGV in Aagadu irk him in any way? Anyhow, as usually he served his purpose and left!

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