Rudramadevi Gets E-Tax Waiver?

By - September 25, 2014 - 12:15 PM IST

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The concept of tax waivers runs strong in the Kollywood circuit. If the title of your film is in Tamil language then waiver is for sure. Similar to that, even Bollywood and Marathi cinema have got certain facilities for tax waivers. But a mainstream cinema getting tax waivers in Tollywood is extremely rare.

However, all that might see a change with this new update. It is heard that the magnum opus Rudramadevi might be getting an entertainment tax waiver. The reason being, it is projecting the heritage and history of Telangana culture. Rudramadevi is the brave warrior queen from the hotbed of Telangana.

As a result, many are expecting that the Telangana CM KCR will give entertainment tax waiver. Keeping the elements of development or progress aside, KCR has been coming up with many initiatives that can protect and promote the essence of Telangana. So, this will be an excellent opportunity for him to utilize, feel many. Let us see what happens.