Tollywood Woes: Interest Vs Planning Vs Calamity

By - September 27, 2014 - 01:13 PM IST

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Looking at the huge rate of failures happening in the industry, the Tollywood analysts and trade pundits are chalking out analysis to figure out the causes. So, here is one observation. When a director and star join hands and a producer comes forward to invest, he is putting some from his pocket and rest from finance.

The makers assure the film would be done in two to three months time maximum. Currently, the industry is running in ten percent to twenty percent interest for finance. Based on that calculation the producers are entering and the movie is stretching to six months. So, planning becomes the main problem.

Secondly, it is the ego clashes between the director and star which results in delay. And then there are some unexpected situations like call sheet issue, health issue etc leading to the delays. Because of all these three, cinema has become a gambling venture. But if the three fall in right place then everything is perfect. However, that possibility is very difficult since it involves dealing with 24 crafts and so many people. So, if the makers ensure this is done rightly, release will happen on time and success rate of earning profits is high.