Attention To 'Romeo' With Mahesh

By - October 03, 2014 - 08:04 AM IST

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The market of small and medium budget movies is quite tough and this is one reason why they move heaven and earth to ensure maximum publicity and reach is attained before the release. However, there are also times when certain films grab attention with just few gestures.

One film which is making some hot rounds in filmnagar is ‘Romeo’. The reason for that is Mahesh. We are not talking about Mahesh Babu but the iconic Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. Well, recently Mahesh Bhatt has taken the Telugu movie ‘Maaya’ for a remake. Now, the Mumbai circles reveal he has shifted his attention to ‘Romeo’.

The reason being, ‘Maaya’ is produced by Madhura Sreedhar and ‘Romeo’ is being presented by the same person. Buzz is that Mahesh feels Madhura Sreedhar’s judgement is good in terms of story and market potential. And with Mahesh showing interest, the media attention has fallen on ‘Romeo’. This is due for release on October 10th and going by the way things are happening this should be appealing to the audience.