All Eyes On Pawan Kalyan's Son

By - October 11, 2014 - 11:06 AM IST

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The mania and magic that power star Pawan Kalyan generates when he is onscreen needs no explanation. It is not just his onscreen charisma but his ideology and philosophy towards life that attracts many youngsters towards him. This is one reason why Pawan has got a very genuine and loyal fan following from all age groups.

Now, the focus has begun to go towards a member of Pawan’s family. He is none other than Akira Nandan, son of Pawan. Well, the star kid is growing and is now gearing up to make his debut in films. This is through a Marathi movie titled Ishq Wala Love which is being released in different languages. 

This gets much interesting because the person who is driving Akira forward is none other than Renu Desai, former wife of Pawan. She is the director and producer of this movie which is releasing in Telugu on October 17. There is no doubt that Pawan fans will flock the theatres to check this little man and see whether he can live up to the image and hysteria his father has created.