Venkatesh And Mohanlal Waiting For Him

By - October 11, 2014 - 02:25 PM IST

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The south film industry is currently filled with the younger lot of superstars but the seniors are not out yet. The likes of Venkatesh, Mohanlal and others are still having their own share of command and following. But right now, it is heard that both Venky and Lalettan (yes, that’s what he is fondly called) are waiting for someone else.

He is none other than Kamal Haasan. So, why should these two wait for him? Well, the reason for that is the film Drishyam. What was done by Mohanlal in the original was reprised by Venky in the Telugu version. Kamal has taken that mantle and is reprising the same role in the Tamil version Papanasam.

Whenever Kamal takes up a project, he ensures his signature style is present. So, it is quite sure that though Papanasam is a remake, it will have something special and unique that the Malayalam and Telugu versions didn’t have. As such, Venky and Mohanlal have high regard for Kamal so they are waiting to see what magic Kamal will do with his version. The same is the feeling with the audience too.