Dhanalakshmi's Shock To Directors And Producers

By - October 21, 2014 - 02:58 PM IST

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The biggest terror and nightmare for many in Tollywood has been the regional censor board officer Dhanalakshmi. Many bigshots of filmnagar had to see stars during the day, thanks to her strictness and conditions before issuing the censor certificate. Recently, news came that Dhanalakshmi was getting transferred.

Hearing that, many began rejoicing over her exit but then their happiness is shortlived, at least for some more time. Sources say the transfer order has come but the relieving orders have not come. But before that, many writers, directors and producers have put tweets in ecstasy stating that it is good riddance and what not.

But with this latest update that she is still on seat, all are shivering. If they are planning for a release of their movie and need censor certificate, Dhanalakshmi is ready to give them the required jolts, they fear. Inside talk is that Dhanalakshmi has applied for six months long leave which means her seat will be empty if it gets approved. The other option she has reportedly given is sitting on the chair till her relieving orders come. As per government procedures, relieving orders take some time and they will not give leave for six months. All in all, Dhanalakshmi is here to stay for some more time and it has to be seen how the producers and directors are going to deal with it.