Star heroes following Super Star Krishna

By - October 21, 2014 - 02:49 PM IST

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The fundamental sutra for the business of cinema is the money vertical is always handled only by the producers. True to that, the impact of the film’s fate is also borne by them whether good or bad (most of the times it is bad). And most of their fortune goes to the remuneration of the star heroes. 

But a new trend is now coming in vogue which is really commendable. The star heroes are becoming part producers especially when the film is facing a loss. Though the stars are taking remuneration they have also begun to take a share of loss just like they take the profits. 

To quote an example, since Aagadu didn’t work as expected, payback happened from Mahesh Babu’s side. Now, GAV also could not sustain so Ram Charan has reportedly returned 3 crores. Already, there are reports that Junior NTR compromised on his pay for Bandla Ganesh movie.

Despite the fact that it is a star driven industry, the big stars are coming forward and cooperating with producers. This is a very good sign as they don’t want producers to face loss. It is creating a healthy environment. At one time, superstar Krishna was spoken like this but now almost every star is doing like superstar Krishna. Hats off to them!