Diyyalo Lady's Confession About Husband

By - November 14, 2014 - 12:29 PM IST

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The interesting thing about film industry is that sometimes films and songs tend to define the image of an actor or actress. That one role or track is enough to cement their position in the industry. A classic example for that is Maryam Zakaria. This Swedish-Iranian beauty gives the hots for men with her special songs.

One number that catapulted her to stardom is ‘Diyyalo diyyala…’ from the film 100 Percent Love and the Telugu audience call her the ‘Diyyalo’ lady even today. Well, this juicy seductress has made an open confession about her husband Arvind Thakur who is a noted choreographer.

Apparently, many speculations were on about the duo’s wedding but now with Maryam’s statement, all curtains will be dropped. She stated something like this- ‘My husband @arvindthakur14 is My best friend My greatest support My biggest comfort My strongest motivation My truest smile My soulmate My deepest love.’
Well, this romantic interlude from Maryam is proof enough to show that she may well be a sex bomb onscreen but at the end of the day, she is also a woman with a tender heart filled with love. For now, those who have been reading Maryam’s comment on her Facebook are feeling quite envious of Arvind.