Gunasekhar's Mind Blowing Research

By - November 21, 2014 - 02:59 PM IST

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When you are doing a film and are dealing with a subject based on real life incidents or history then you got to be double careful on facts. Without proper groundwork, if your film gets released then there is a good chance that it would lead to objections and also put you in soup. 

This is something director Gunasekhar seems to be fully aware of and he has done a mind blowing thing for his pet project Rudramadevi. Reports reveal during the preproduction time, Gunasekhar hired experienced historians. His focus was on extracting utmost details from them regarding the warrior queen of Kakatiya dynasty.

The list included right from their clothing, food habits, lifestyle to their look. The historians have done thorough research and the film is being done very carefully matching the research data. To put it simply, Gunasekhar’s hardwork has to be appreciated in a great manner. Firstly, he is doing a historical and that too a female oriented subject. Given the many positives in this one, all are eager when ‘Rudramadevi’ will invade the theatres.