Director's Chain grabs Attention!

By - November 23, 2014 - 10:55 PM IST

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Antique pieces usually interests us. And stuff used by celebrities right from a hair pin to shoelace, everything grabs our attention (Especially that of heroines). That is why, auctions are a super hit!

But here is a director who is grabbing all the attention in the tinsel town with his chain. We are talking about the chain worn by Na Banagaru Thalli director Rajesh Touchriver. The peculiar look of the chain has grabbed the eyeballs of even celebrities. If you think it is just any other chain that is catching up unwanted attention then you should definitely know the history of this chain [Don’t worry, it’s a short and sweet story!]

This is a 460yr old chain that he is wearing. It has got a divine prominence too. This is the chain that is usually decorated to the deity in an ancient Khali Matha Temple in remote Madhya Pradesh. Rajesh who happened to visit the temple few years back was gifted with the chain by the local priests. Touched by the significance of the gift, the director has been wearing the chain assuming it to be a special blessing of Khali Matha.

It might sound like a filmy story to some but everyone who had a close look at the chain and came to learn this backstory is only falling in love with the chain. What about you?