Colors Swathi Is Only Choice For Them

By - December 15, 2014 - 04:57 PM IST

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There was a time when some of us used to feel bad about the fact that there are no authentic Telugu beauties in Tollywood who can be tagged as bankable heroines. But that trend is slowly beginning to change. We are seeing the likes of Anjali, Nanditha, Eesha and others who have begun creating an impact.

Prior to them, one girl is already in the lead. She is none other than Colors Swathi. With little performance quotient, if a heroine has to show energy, except Swathi, nobody else is coming into the minds of directors and producers in Tollywood. True to their feeling, not many authentic Telugu girls are found.

Mainly, Swathi is a Telugu speaking girl and by instinct she has a spark and cuteness that appeal a lot to the audience. Her list of successes includes Ashta Chemma, Swami Rara, Kaarthikeya and she gave an impression that if not her, nobody can do that role. Normally, a heroine is all about glamour and skin show but not all movies and roles are like that. It is here that Swathi has become the hot favorite.