Puri's Temper movie dialogues got leaked

By iQlik Movies - December 27, 2014 - 05:10 PM IST

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From past few hours, internet world is abuzz with news about NTR's Temper movie dialogues getting leaked. Dialogues that are circulating like wild fire are sounding in Puri's style and the solid police power in them is adding fuel to the 'leak' fire. To know whether these diagloues are true or not we have to wait till Temper release next year. Till then enojy the below diagloues. 

Dialogue 1 :

Nenu control thappi kodithe...Control Room varake Pothav..!Nenu confident ga kodithe..antiki kanabadkunda pothav..!Adhe nenu nakunna “TEMPER” tho kodithe.. comaa….Dhanammoo yemantaraa dhani aadiki pothav..!!Gurthundhiga....naa peru daya inspector daya..

Dialogue 2 :

Nuvvu eliminate avvadaniki elections enduku ra, Na chethilo encounter avvakunda chusuko.

Dialogue 3 :

Rey nuvvu patha cinemalo villain dialogues cheppaku nenu malli patha cinema lo NTR la maralsi vastundi. Nenu matlade tappudu counter veste... center lo encounter ey...

Dialogue 4 :

Rey suri ga devudu manushuliki brain venka side, heart mundu side enduku istado telusa.. gunde potu vachina parledu, vennu potu podavakunda chusukomani.

Dialogue 5 :

Current ni amperes lo, voltage ni volts lo, distance ni meters lo kolustharu ani chinnappude maa badilo panthulu cheppeavadu... mari naa temper ela kolavalo cheppaledu..

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