Three Biggest Budget Films In 2015

By - December 30, 2014 - 06:04 PM IST

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You may have been hearing or reading a lot on how the business of cinema is in dire straits when it comes to Tollywood. Despite that bitter reality, there are many who still try to make movies just out of sheer passion. Amidst such tight situation, the year 2015 is going to see three biggest budget movies which will change the face of Tollywood.

First in the list is ‘Rudramadevi 3D’ which is expected to hit during the first quarter. Made by director Gunasekhar who is known for his grandeur, this is the first ever 3D historical in India. Gunasekhar has spent a fortune for shaping this up and Anushka is doing the title role which is giving rise to a lot of expectations.

Before that, another biggie in the queue is ‘Gopala Gopala’ which has power star Pawan Kalyan along with victory Venkatesh in the lead. Fans of both Pawan and Venky are eagerly waiting for January 14th since that’s the film’s release date. Last but not the least, there is ‘Baahubali’ which has got its first part to release. The tentative date is April 17th, 2015. Here’s wishing the best of success for all the three movies and may they take Tollywood to a new level.