Allari Naresh's Heroine makes Nepal Hot

By - January 12, 2015 - 10:15 AM IST

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There could be some among you who would nurture the dream of becoming a heroine and if you have to make it big in Tollywood then you got to pair with the successful heroes. This is one reason why you may have noticed that sudden star Allari Naresh has paired up with a fresh face for each film.

One such heroine is now creating hot waves in Nepal. She is the svelte beauty from Bollywood Sayali Bhagat who paired up with Allari Naresh in the movie Blade Babji and scored a hit. Though Sayali went on to focus more in Bollywood, her name is always remembered here for that movie and of course her glamour.

Now, Sayali has gone to Nepal to be part of the Style Mantra 2015 fashion show and she set the ramp on fire. Reports reveal the entire media in Nepal went crazy looking at Sayali’s beauty and headlines flashed her name. Who knows, she might end up getting some crazy offers in Nepalese film industry and can become the number one heroine there.