Tollywood Is Runway For These

By - January 20, 2015 - 04:17 PM IST

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The only place you can associate the word runway is at the airport. It becomes the path for many aircrafts to land and take off to their destinations. So, are you wondering what Tollywood has got to do with this term? Well, the Telugu industry has actually become the starting point to many actors and actresses who scored big at other industries.

Hero Anil Kapoor made his debut in Telugu and he became famous in Bollywood. The stunning beauty Kriti Kharbanda worked with big names here and now she is at the top in Sandalwood. Same is the case with Haripriya who is seen in both Sandalwood and Kollywood. Then there are the Telugu beauties Sri Divya, Bindu Madhavi who are hot properties in Kollywood today.

The chirpy beauty Priya Anand also started in Tollywood and found her feet strongly in Kollywood today. Similarly, Priya Banerjee started here and now she is doing a film in Bollywood which has Aishwarya Bachchan. The young hero Harshavardhan Rane began his career in Tollywood and now he is working in a Bollywood movie. All in all, Tollywood sure has become the biggest runway for many.