Beautiful Lady's Lovely Poetry

By - January 23, 2015 - 12:30 AM IST

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There are those among you who have the perception that heroines are all about looking beautiful and glamorous and they don’t really have the grey matter inside their head. But it is not so. There are also those who tend to reveal their talented sides now and then. One such girl is the petite beauty Madhavilatha.
This Telugu starlet has proved her mettle as a performer in films and now she has shown the poetess inside her. This was revealed by one of her posts in her Facebook profile. It goes like this-

‘Am trying to write some Poetry ..... Grammar lekapoina glamorous ga i can write
"ennalla bandham ee prema
Ennella sambandam mana prema
Gatha janma lo purinchani prema
Ee janmaloo nizamai edurosthe.....
Kala la undani marchipovala
Kathala marindani murisipovala
Kalathale migulusthundani....kannerai karipovala????’
Without doubt, there is a very deep personality inside Madhavilatha who is usually quite chirpy outside. The intensity and emotional depth of her lines are appealing to her fans and also the cine folks. Maybe she can try her hand at writing some lyrics as well. What say Madhavi?