Ali's Statement Triggers Discussion

By - January 28, 2015 - 09:27 AM IST

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When common people like us make a statement in public it doesn’t create that impact.  But when a film celebrity says something it carries a lot of weight and reverberates to every corner. So, it came as a surprise when an experienced and wise actor like Ali made a statement which is somewhat controversial.

Participating in an event in Guntur, Ali reportedly said Tollywood would be shifting to Guntur. This has triggered discussions across many groups as to why Ali has given that statement. Some felt it was just an off the line remark he made and was not really meaning anything serious.

But few others felt Ali has got some reliable inside information from Tollywood and hence he gave that indication. Well, this is a totally new dimension to the already confused and complicated topic of the Tollywood industry shifting from Hyderabad. Whatever it may be, his statement has sure led to different speculations and it would take a while before they settle.