Charmi Upset with Fan

By - February 01, 2015 - 05:38 PM IST

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Film heroines are always a fascination for everyone. Right from film directors to an aam admi, each one adores a heroine in their own way. We respect them but few unfortunate incidents often challenge their security in public.

There have several incidents in the past where crazy fans tried to misbehave with a heroine and recently, even Charmi encountered such a bitter incident. Going into the details, a fan tried to get a photograph with Charmme at the recent CCL Charity Dine with Stars event and as she came closer, that fan misbehaved. The bouncers and security guards instantly reacted and took care of that boisterous fan while Charmme was very upset with this unexpected happening.

Few rule down this to be a petty incident but one needs to understand the fact that being a heroine doesn’t imply that she’s a national property. Only then they too can respect and enjoy the love fans exhibit!