Happy Birthday to the 2 Comedy Kings

By iQlik Movies - February 01, 2015 - 03:49 PM IST

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We may laugh at a joke….

We may laugh when someone tells a joke…

We laugh out of some seriously interesting mismatch/miscommunication…

There are many ways we can laugh…

But if we are to laugh just by taking their names, then those names should be Brahmanandam and Sudhakar…

If Brahmi is a comedian turned hero, Sudhakar is a hero turned comedian…

Keeping aside the math, stat and analysis of their different careers and other accessory issues, both were like the twin emperors of our Tollywood Comedy Kingdom. With unique antics, mind-boggling timing, hilarious mannerisms, they were two Kohinoor diamonds of their own. And we loved them equally.
Both the ‘Comedy Heroes’ celebrate their birthday today. And iQlik Movies wishes them a Happy Birthday. We wish them a long and healthy life [out of pure selfishness ‘coz we want them more, more and more].

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