Karan Johar eyes upon Baahubali?

By - February 02, 2015 - 09:46 AM IST

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You may have heard of many doyens and legends of Indian cinema who have taken their respective industries to a new level.

In Tollywood too, we had someone like NT Rama Rao and ANR but in the current day, only one name seems to be taking Telugu cinema to a new range of pride. It is none other than SS Rajamouli. The tough taskmaster created a sensation across the nation when he came up with the movie Eega which got dubbed into different languages and made money everywhere.

Now, Rajamouli is taking the giant leap with his magnum opus Baahubali and here is the first sign for his true reputation. Reports from Mumbai reveal that renowned filmmaker and producer Karan Johar is keen upon dubbing the film in Hindi under his Dharma Productions. He was so impressed with Rajamouli’s Makkhi (Eega) earlier that made him volunteer to dub Baahubali in Hindi.

Well the Tamil rights of Baahubali has been taken by the famous Gnanavel Raja for a whopping Rs 27 crores. This is perhaps the first time that someone from other industries has waited eagerly for a Telugu movie to grab it. If Baahubali performs well at the Hindi & Tamil box office, there is no doubt that it would open doors to many other promising Telugu flicks and the credit for that would go to only one man, SS Rajamouli.