Dubbing Film's Title Comedy

By - February 12, 2015 - 11:22 AM IST

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Whenever you see a dubbed movie from Tamil entering Telugu, the majority of them have some strange titles. More than the relevance of the title to the story, the focus is more on the translation of the Tamil title into Telugu. The latest example for that is the film Anekudu starring the super talented Dhanush.

The film happens to be the dubbed version of the Tamil movie Anegan and the title is a true translation of the original title. After looking at this title, the cine circles in Telugu are saying “This is nowhere near nativity.” As for the public, many are laughing looking at the title.

Recently the trailer was released and the general reaction is that it is rather confusing. Some have also pointed out on the dialogue in the closing which goes ‘You know what…ee madhya Hindi ammayila kalalo kuda Ashwin exclusive ga vastunnadu..’ citing that as somewhat unclear and vague. Let us see how the film will fare now.