Secret Of Shriya's Sex Appeal

By - February 13, 2015 - 11:10 AM IST

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You may have noticed many times that the moment a heroine starts touching her 30s, that matured and aunty type of look begins to set in. And if it is a heroine whose face has been quite frequent on the silver screen then even the audience tends to get bored of watching her at one point.

However, there is one starlet who has been part of the industry since a decade and even today, there are many desperate to watch her onscreen. The reason for that is, though she is 32 she can still pass off as a 20 something girl. We are talking about the striking beauty Shriya Saran.

So, here is the secret behind the sex appeal of Shriya. Friends close to her reveal Shriya is a voracious dancer and it is not just the gym or yoga which keeps her body in shape. Buzz is that she switches on music and just keeps dancing and dancing till she drops. So, this is the reason behind her sensuous gait and her extremely bright and fresh face.