Famous Book Titles As Short Films

By - February 23, 2015 - 01:27 PM IST

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If anyone among you is aspiring to be a director then the first thing he/she should do is come up with a short film. These days, the culture of short film making has become the in-thing and now these moviemakers are opting for book titles as their films. For instance, Half Girlfriend, Vodka With Varma are well known books.

Now, the same names have been used for a short film. Another example to quote is Puri Raasina Premakatha which was the tagline for the movie Romeo. That way, they are taking popular titles and they are using it to attract hits in Youtube when they upload their work.

Of course, the content is different from the original movie and the short film has its own subject as conceived by its director. But the choice of titles is being seen as a smart move. Let us wait to see if this new trend would be allowed to continue or some cyber law would be put into effect to curb it.