Mohan Babu Introduces His Third Daughter!!

By - March 02, 2015 - 09:36 AM IST

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To the best of anyone’s memory, Mohan Babu has only one daughter – Lakshmi Manchu. So, wondering who’s this third daughter?

Then we need to going into the details of this story. We are aware that Rocking Star Manchu Manoj Babu is getting engaged to his beloved Pranathi on the 4th of this March. But Mohan Babu introduced his daughter-in-law to the world through his twitter account by posting her picture and tweeting -

“Pranathi is more like a third daughter to me just like Lakshmi Manchu and Veronica”

This just shows that the Manchu family has welcomed the new girl with loads of love. Mohan Babu requested his fans also to bless the new couple.

Here’s wishing the would-be couple Manoj-Pranathi a Happy Married Life in advance!