Director's Dignity Of Labour

By - March 11, 2015 - 09:00 PM IST

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‘Ego’, this is one trait you will find every day in your working life either from your superiors or your colleagues. In the entertainment industry, this is there in much higher quantities and even those who are not worth an ounce are filled with heavy inflated ego. But as always, there are also those exceptions.

Usually, directors are meant to have a lot of self-pride. Once someone becomes a director, just writing dialogues is something which is below their dignity but one filmmaker has never brought that into his mind. He is none other than Chandoo Mondeti, the director of the hit movie Karthikeya.

Apparently, Chandoo went ahead and penned dialogues for the recent release Surya vs Surya which was directed by debutante Kartik Gattamneni. This is indeed a commendable gesture because Chandoo did it valuing his friendship with Kartik and to a large extent with the hero Nikhil. No wonder the output has come so well. Kudos to Chandoo!