Rudramadevi: Sentiment And Sympathy Waves

By - March 25, 2015 - 12:34 PM IST

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The clock is ticking for the much talked about magnum opus Rudramadevi 3D to hit the screens and the excitement and anticipation is high. But more than that, two other factors seem to be dominating the response towards this movie. They are sentiment and sympathy.

For starters, Rudramadevi 3D is the story of the brave warrior queen who hails from Telangana and this factor has connected many in Telangana state. This was seen when huge numbers attended the audio function which was held at Warangal. So the Orugallu sentiment worked.

Along with this, the film branding due to its ensemble cast has also created some appeal. The sympathy wave is actually going towards director/producer Gunasekhar as he has put his life and his entire properties at stake for this movie. Many are saying “For Gunasekhar we must see the film”. Given today’s times, shelling out 70 crores budget for a film is not a small gamble but a life and death risk. Let us wish these factors contribute to the film’s success immensely.