Tollywood Secret Behind Shopping Abroad

By - March 31, 2015 - 04:00 PM IST

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You might find this a bit unusual but then there are many filmmakers who plan special trips abroad and it is not for any shooting purpose. It is only for shopping costumes for the hero and heroine. As unusual as it sounds, here is an inside stuff from the industry insiders.

They say the real secret behind these abroad trips for shopping is just the itch to travel foreign countries. If you have noticed, film celebrities keep traveling to China, Russia, Dubai, and Bangkok for shopping. This is not exactly shopping but just for travel.

Recently, one big director went to China for hero’s costumes. Some are going to Dubai for camera and other equipment. Rather than purchasing, it is all about the urge to travel and they are satisfying their urge through producer’s money. Another add-on is, some are suggesting foreign dancers stating it gives additional kick to the audience. And then they add it can be done in Switzerland for same budget as in India and there they are fleecing. That is how things are happening right now.