TV Serials In Film Theatres

By - April 11, 2015 - 12:22 PM IST

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When you wish to watch a TV serial, you would do that either sitting in your living room or bedroom because that’s where your television usually is. But in the last few years, the way small screen industry has dominated the psyche of people and built its brand value is phenomenal.

Today, we have reached a situation where TV serials are now being seen in film theatres. Well, popular programs such as ‘Ali Tho Jolly Ga’, a serial by name ‘Savitri’ which is popular in ETV are now coming up with ads in theatres. Normally, film trailers coming on TV and promoting movies is known to all.

Through TV channels, the cine circuit does its publicity which is fine but now TV serials are promoting themselves in theatre which is a new trend. That way, a mutual promotion system has begun. Even hoardings showcasing TV serials are also there and now it has crossed hoardings and entered the silver screen.