Sunny Becomes MP

By - April 13, 2015 - 08:25 AM IST

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When we say Sunny you might think it is the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone. And when we say MP you might think it is Member Of Parliament. But we are not referring to either of them. Our talk is about the talented music director M R Sunny and he has donned a new role, that of a music producer.

This was discovered by those who saw the audio CD cover of the new movie Dohchay. The audio release happened recently and it got revealed that Sunny is part producer of the music. So, he will be the shareholder in the music business and from his end, he will take care of the production aspect.

Inside news is that Sunny will take his remuneration but he will not charge for the team such as technicians and musicians. Instead he will take the profit share. This is indeed an advantageous position for the music director and if there are one or two chartbusters that come from Dohchay then Sunny will be all smiles.