I was initially scared about the divided talk: Samantha Interview

By - April 13, 2015 - 01:45 PM IST

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Samantha is one of those heroines who has been consistently scoring good hits and making her presence felt in Telugu Film industry since long. Her latest offering S/o Satyamurthy opposite Allu Arjun was released recently and on that account, here is an exclusive chitchat with the actress:

Hello Samantha.. congrats on your new film S/o Satyamurthy!
Hi..Thank you!

How are you feeling about the outcome of S/o Satyamurthy?
I watched the film along with common audience on the second day and was hearing mixed opinions about it. While some said it was a hit, others said it was an average flick. This made me quite concerned but slowly things are changing. The film is faring well at the Box Office and I am quite happy with it.

You played the role of a diabetic patient in the film. Is it not uncommon for our glamorous female leads in films?
Well, we always portray the female lead as flawless and glamorous in films. But such a girl in reality would be flooded with some problem or other. I found it quite interesting to play a role which is close to a common woman.

Were you scared of hearing divided talk about the film?
I was initially scared for sure but I also knew Trivikram’s films creep into the audience slowly. The younger audiences have watched it already and family audience also are appreciating it now.

This is your second film working with Trivikram. How was it working with him again?
Trivikram is my all time favorite director and a great friend. Whenever I have any problems I share with him and he gives some really useful advices. In fact, I agreed to work in Attarintiki Daaredhi without hearing the script. Coming to his talent, no matter how much I speak it would be less. He made a blockbuster film like Attarintiki Daaredi which joined the Rs 100 cr Club. I am ever ready to work with him anytime again!

How was the working experience with your co-star Allu Arjun?
Bunny is a hard working actor. He is quite energetic on sets and decent guy at heart. He has lot of discipline and always tries to do a scene better than what it is. Even when his scene is not being filmed, he comes to give tips for other co-stars.

You haven’t been doing much Telugu films off late? Any reason behind it?
Yes. I’ve been getting some good Tamil films these days and I am accepting them. It’s been nearly 5 years I’ve come to Telugu film industry and I cannot act in lesser significant roles. I decided to do those roles which would make my presence felt in the script.

You seem to be focusing on glamour oriented roles once again?
Nothing like that. I would love to do performance oriented roles too. You would see a new Samantha in my upcoming Tamil film with Vikram. I play a Nepali girl and got to perform some stunt sequences as well.

How was it working as an actress since 5 years till now?
The entire credit for my success would go to the directors. I had the privilege to work with great filmmakers like Rajamouli, Trivikram, Gautham Menon and these people shaped up my career. I strongly believe in luck more than mere talent and find myself very lucky to get wonderful roles till date.

Any new Telugu films signed up?
There is one film which is on cards. Will update once it hits the sets!

You have a tough competition with other young heroines of your age. How do you take it?
A healthy competition always brings the best out of an actress and it applies for me as well. Every heroine is equally talented now and I find it very challenging.

S/o Satyamurthy has crossed 1 million dollars overseas.. it is quite a remarkable achievement..
Yes. Family audience crowd is comparatively more in overseas. I particularly like to do films which can be watched with family and I am glad for this result.

Okay..Thank you and wishing you the best for upcoming films!
Thanks a lot!