Instead of mere superlative adjectives, we can say he is a ‘smart actor’! Being a star’s kid, he surely has the makings of a big star that the Mega family looks at. He is a chip off the old block, rightly inheriting the best from his father Megastar Chiru. Within no time, he earned an exclusive fan-base for himself despite of having superstars like Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun in the league alongside. Stepping in as a star kid, he knows exactly what people expect from him but he did not give up his itch for diversity for the sake. Though fans miss the Megastar himself, if they could see him in Charan today, then there is no better testimony to his success! And thus fans call him “Mega Powerstar” out of love!

With being just five films old, he could turn the Bollywood heads and debut with the remake of Superstar Amitabh’s film ‘Zanjeer’! It takes guts to touch a character once done by a titan like Big B, but Cherry does it with such ease and aplomb! No wonder he is listed in the Times 50 Most Desirable Men!

Of late, he is making news of his ‘Zanjeer’ remake and the traffic donnybrook he was recently indulged in! Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s the victims who bagged all the sympathy in the world. However, Cherry shouldn’t need issues like these simply because this is no reality show to fetch him a trophy for more controversies [And especially when your dad is sitting at a Union Minister level]. Looks like one of those RGV political dramas…eh?!

Well, people might not take RGV films seriously, but fans do care about their star’s reputation [as they more or less, feel as own reputation at stake!]. Anyhow, for being the headline-maker through out the week for all good reasons, Ram Charan is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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