“White skin girl-u...girl-u…_ _ _ _ _ _ _”

Fill in the blank! Of course it is a known rhyme right?

In the recent past if there is any song that from an Indian tot to a Japanese toothless oldie would sing, it should be “Why This Kolaveri Di…

That’s how the world knows an actor from the Southern part of India by name ‘Dhanush’. And if you think he is just ‘famous’, we have to remind you that he is the youngest National Award for Best Actor Winner [28yrs at the time of announcement for the film Aadukalam 2011]. This alone proves that being the son-in-law of a Superstar like Rajinikanth (married to his younger daughter Aishwarya), he isn’t just sitting pretty.

Venkatesh Prabhu Kasturi Raja better known by his stage name ‘Dhanush’ in spite of being a renowned veteran director Kasturi Raja’s son and acclaimed director Selva Raghavan’s brother, now has an identity of himself. Dhanush is yet another quintessential piece of a class act who is least bothered about fan clubs and image chakkars. He has acclaimed performances of Aadukalam, Mayakam Enna, 3 proclaiming him to be one of the most promising actors of this generation.

Since South has been successfully conquered, this livewire has forayed into Bollywood as well. A place usually mouthed to be biased and the fact that not many actors form the South could make a mark there has posed a challenge to this pro before accepting Raanjhanaa. But, Dhanush just counted in the script and now here goes wooing the country with his stellar performance in Raanjhanaa. He was the right choice for a Tamil Brahmin guy settling in Banaras [Varanasi] and he proved it too. He got his act right in every spec of a detail in the film and today if the social networking platforms are seeing an avalanche of applause from both media and viewers, it is all self-earned and he deserves it too. He has definitely made us proud once again at a National podium.
And with Raanjhanaa being a hit all over, undoubtedly he is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK.

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